≕ Co-Educational-Residential-CBSC 10+2 ≔

≕ About ≔

Established in April 1999, The KTS PUBLIC SCHOOL is fully residential school for girls and boys with classes from 1st to 12th std. A blend of modern Public School System and Traditional Indian Gurukul

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≕ Admissions ≔

Registration for admission to classes (I to XI) can be done at any time by submitting registration form along with non-refundable registration fee of Rs.10,000/-in cash or bank draft in favour of KTS Public

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≕ Facilities ≔

The school has a library with a wide range of books on various subjects. The school subscribes various magazines & newspapers to help students keep updated on national & international events.

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≕ Calendar ≔

Both institutional and school teachers supervise the lessons delivered by students. Each day at the end of the teaching programme feed-back and discussion of supervisors remarks given at the end

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