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Himachal Pradesh, reverently known as "Devbhumi" - the abode of Gods, is virtually a conglomeration of mountains and peaks, These hill destinations, nestled in the lap of nature bring inspiration. Up here it is an ethereal world. The earthly world seems to stand in obeisance to it and nature here is at its majestic best.

Established in April 1999, The KTS PUBLIC SCHOOL is fully residential school for girls and boys with classes from 1st to 12th std.

A blend of modern Public School System and Traditional Indian Gurukul culture, The KTS PUBLIC SCHOOL offers Complete Education for the body, mind & sprit of your child, thus ensuring a Complete Personality.

The KTS PUBLIC SCHOOL is an institution born out of an overwhelming urge to supplement in a small & humble way-the magnificent transformation of 'Human Quality'.

The KTS PUBLIC SCHOOL has started bearing fruit and it has grown into a model institution undertaking the arduous, but immensely satisfying task of fully developing the faculties of students.